Advocacy for Seniors

Nancy supports programs that serve seniors and has worked on many programs and initiatives that show her dedication to our senior citizens. 

She served as a board member for Senior Housing Solutions, which built and administered shared housing for low-income seniors. She pushed for Sunnyvale to construct a zero-entry pool in the remodeled Washington Park pool so that seniors with mobility challenges could more easily enter and exit the pool. Recently she mentored advocates who oppose the Governor’s proposal to eliminate funding for adult day-care services. She sponsors Global Computer Literacy, Youth Public Policy Institute and Bay Area Senior Advocate that aim to increase digital access for seniors by holding tech workshops for them and supports policies to provide greater digital access for them. 

She also welcomes to Sunnyvale businesses that focus on providing support to seniors through platforms or products. Nancy came out in support of the launch of the Sunnyvale chapter of Aging 2.0, a non-profit that strives to accelerate innovation to address the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.  

Low-cost digital access for senior citizens and initiatives helps seniors feel less isolated. Our City seeks to ensure seniors have a safe and convenient way to obtain remote medical services. Access to the Internet will help seniors have any product – including medical supplies, prescription drugs, food, and groceries – delivered directly to their homes. Increasing Internet access would also promote seniors’ mental health and well-being. Loneliness and social isolation have long been recognized as problems for older adults, problems that have been magnified during COVID-19. As part of giving seniors access to the Internet, Nancy wants to make sure seniors have a place to turn whenever they want to use technology effectively.  

Many seniors are on fixed incomes, which makes rising housing costs particularly challenging for them. Mobile home parks, until the last few years, had been a good option for seniors and others on fixed or low incomes. Rising space rentals are increasingly unaffordable for many and, as space rental fees rise, the market (equity) value of the mobile home on the space declines. Nancy has been a staunch advocate for seniors and other mobile home park residents, working to find solutions to maintain space rental prices at affordable levels.