For Nancy, a liveable city means a city that plans to keep jobs and services running for citizens, especially during times of crisis. Nancy believes Sunnyvale’s role in a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic is to help protect the livelihood of the hard working citizens who have contributed to our economy while continuing to build community goodwill. 

Accordingly, Nancy supports maintaining a “rainy day fund,” that not only maintains services for all Sunnyvale residents even when revenue is low, but also keeps city staff employed in their vital roles to keep our City functioning. Furthermore, the effects of isolation during this pandemic have demonstrated that our community must come together – now more than ever. The City has saved up funds for the project and is in a good position to create jobs as businesses pull back, and can build now when competition for workers is less. Nancy would like to see Sunnyvale put the funds it has saved to good use by investing in community building projects – such as the new civic center – and employing Sunnyvale citizens in the process, providing economic opportunity during trying times. The new Civic Center will be a much more energy efficient building, and a symbol of Sunnyvale’s commitment to a greener, more energy-conscious future.