Business & Innovation

One of the many reasons Nancy is known as the people’s candidate is because she respects all people – including the owners of small businesses. She values the contributions that businesses bring to Sunnyvale by making our community a friendly welcoming place. While she acknowledges that the attention and accolades brought to Sunnyvale by our large and international corporations enrich our lives and lead to rising property values, by numbers, it is the small business community that is big in Sunnyvale. 

As Mayor, Nancy will work hard to ensure City Hall breathes life into our local economy, lifting up long established treasures of Sunnyvale and empowering new shops and ideas to thrive. Sunnyvale will continue as a friendly place for small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Sunnyvale is facing a so-called silver tsunami, where small business owners are looking to retire from their family businesses, but can’t interest either their children or buyers into taking over. Nancy looks to neighboring cities that provide technical assistance for business owners to sell their business to employees. These worker-owned cooperatives provide a path to economic recovery after COVID without the huge loss of businesses Sunnyvale may otherwise have, and as mayor, Nancy will work to provide support for businesses looking to switch to the worker cooperative model.

When re-envisioning the Moffett Park of the future, Nancy supports keeping a diverse set of land uses that fosters research and development which includes spaces for innovation and entrepreneurship. In our rush to add more housing, she recognizes we must also encourage and provide commerce and activity.