Final two CVRA maps

Which map and which districts go first?

On Tuesday, Council will be deciding on the final map for the March 2020 ballot. Also, we’ll decide on the order the districts are elected. Council has heard some ideas from the public, but to get the conversation going more broadly, I am summarizing the ideas presented – please let me know your preference. Lowest off-year turnout districts go firstThe benefit would be that districts where people mostly vote in presidential years would be best served by electing their city council member when the most […]

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Women of Persistence

  On March 27, I awarded Rosemary Baez the League of California Women’s Caucus Woman of Persistence award. When she started the Young Engineers Program in 2007, this program aims at introducing first generation Latino youth to careers in engineering. When this program first started, it had less than 5% girl participation. Today, it is just shy of reaching the 50% mark of girls participating. She employed creative means to overcome cultural barriers and gender stereotypes to achieve equity in this program in 10 short […]

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Forget selfish personal interests: California’s first woman mayor

The 1920s saw the beginnings of Sunnyvale’s growth. The people of Sunnyvale wanted modern conveniences like paved roads, a municipal water and sewer system and even an especially controversial item, a civic center. In 1925, the voters of Sunnyvale approved an $86,000 bond for the new center (pictured below). The residents staged a recall campaign for four members of the council who went so far as to set out on a plan to pave the town’s sidewalks. One of the driving forces driving growth and development […]

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