Community Committments

Building a more inclusive, livable, and sustainable community isn’t a solo effort. Working hand in hand with these organizations, I look forward to continue serving my community.

Rotary Club of Sunnyvale Climate Action Committee

I am the founder of the Sunnyvale Rotary Club’s Climate Action Committee. We launched with plenty of time for Sunnyvale to be ready for when Rotary International named the environment as one of its seven major areas of focus.

Find out more about the club here and the Rotary International Environmental Protection Focus here.

California Native Garden Foundation

As the president of the California Native Garden Foundation Board, I am leading the Foundation’s effort to build 25 regenerative organic teaching and training gardens in Santa Clara County by 2025. The gardens feature native edible plants and native hedgerows to build up habitat that has been in decline. The idea came up in the Sunnyvale Climate Action Plan OpenIDEO session in May of 2018. So far, CNGF is more than 20% of the way to achieving the goal. I am working to build the organizations capacity to add even more gardens. Contact me or CNGF to learn how you can add more natives to your life and landscape.

Visit the CNGF website here and check out the OPENIdeo page that started the effort.

SFEI documents calling for more native urban plants for habitat restoration:

Making Nature’s City:

Integrating Planning with Nature: