Livable Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, more than anything else, is home to well over 150,000 people. Accommodating the needs of our citizens means promoting safety, affordable housing, local recreation and entertainment, and balanced systems of transportation. Nancy Smith, collaborating locally regionally, and at a state level, has delivered positive results for Sunnyvale. As Sunnyvale’s first directly elected Mayor, Nancy will continue her work on behalf of those who call Sunnyvale home.


Nancy recognizes the need for effective, efficient, and safe transportation networks in building a liveable City. She has been, and continues to be, a strong advocate for bike and pedestrian safety measures and public transit options such as Caltrain.  Read More

Housing Production

Nancy recognizes that Sunnyvale needs more affordable housing to matching the pace of growth in our City. Nancy will continue to push her colleagues around the state and the state legislature to build more affordable housing with all due haste.  Read More

Budget & Civic Center

For Nancy, a livable city means a city that plans to keep jobs and services running for citizens, especially during times of crisis. Nancy believes Sunnyvale’s role in a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic is to help protect the livelihood of the hard working citizens who have contributed to our economy while continuing to build community goodwill. Read More

Business & Innovation

Nancy values the contributions that businesses bring to Sunnyvale by making our community a friendly welcoming place. As mayor, she will prioritize all types of businesses and champion innovative business models to foster commercial activity in Sunnyvale. Read More

Parks & Recreation

Nancy knows that Sunnyvale residents, especially families, benefit from local opportunities for recreation. She has, and will continue to spear-headed a number of family-friendly initiatives to make Sunnyvale a place where all residents thrive. Read More