Bringing Sunnyvale Together

As good as Sunnyvale is, Nancy believes we can come together to make it better. Now, more than ever, our city needs leaders who are proven collaborators. With the number of new developments underway, our City staff is spread so thin, important matters are left unaddressed. Nancy is just the person to bring community members together to prioritize issues and work toward mutually beneficial ways to address them.

Nancy Smith works as a program manager where she oversees IT budgets at NVIDIA Corp, the world leader in visual computing technologies.  She served on nonprofit boards and eventually shifted her focus to  serving the community on boards and commissions. During her term as chair of the Santa Clara County Water District Environmental and Water Resources Committee, she set up an innovative system of independent working groups to enable commissioners to explore policy issues and community concerns.

She volunteers with the Department of Engineering at Santa Clara University to develop curriculum for the Experiential Learning for Social Justice track to connect community members with engineers-in-training to discuss paving educational pathways for all.

As chair of the the Water District‘s Environmental and Water Resources Committee (ERWC), Nancy was instrumental in the creation of independent working groups which served to bring policy gaps to the attention of the Board of Directors. One of the most active groups to come out of that was her group called “Policies for Addressing Homeless Pollution of Streams.”  Efforts to address the issue humanely helped lead to the recent Housing Bond measure the County Board of Supervisors put on the ballot.

NVIDIA Corporation appointed her to represent the company on the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Transportation and Housing and Land Use committees.

She joined Rotary in 2006. Nancy served as President of the Sunnyvale Rotary Club from 2011-12. Under her leadership, the Rotary-sponsored youth club at Homestead High School grew from 40 to over 200 members. Her passions are for social and economic justice, self-expression and connecting with people. She established Virtuous Corporation™ method as a way to help people in organizations ensure the organizations live up to the ideals of their participants.

Under her leadership, we can work work together to build a city we can all be proud of.

Contact Nancy at 408-455-8672 or, read what she has to say about issues facing Sunnyvale.