Your Future Mayor

Our Vision


We need to ensure that our economy starts back up after COVID-19 without compromising safety. People need to have confidence that their health is important. We cannot let up on protecting ourselves from climate change as well

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Economic growth in the area has been an unprecedented boon to some, yet some parts of our community are struggling. Our community can create opportunities for young and old alike.

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By 2030 one in four Santa Clara County residents will be over the age of 60. Let’s plan now to make our cities more friendly for all residents. We have a high population of housing-rich, income-poor seniors who find it more and more difficult to stay and just as difficult to leave.

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As Mayor, I will push for local, state and federal opportunities for funding to stabilize and recover Caltrain and transit.

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Sunnyvale adopted a living wage ordinance in 2013 and a wage theft ordinance in 2018, which helped close a gap that impacts single moms and women more than any other group.

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My vision is to work toward a city where grandparents and grandkids can stay together. It breaks my heart when my friends, young and old are forced to leave our city.

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Posing with the representatives of worker cooperatives in Santa Clara