Parks, Recreation, & Natural Spaces

Nancy knows that Sunnyvale residents, especially families, benefit from local opportunities for recreation. She has spear-headed a number of family-friendly initiatives to make Sunnyvale a place where all residents thrive.

Nancy, in partnership with the Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association, led the effort to bring an ice rink to downtown Sunnyvale, providing a place for families to make happy memories and exercise. The rink will be sponsored by Sares Regis for the next several years.

As Vice Mayor she’s helped give Sunnyvale 10 acres of new parks: the AMD, Corn Palace, and Wiser parks. Nancy pushed for an accessible pool with a gently sloped zero-entry feature for the soon to be rebuilt Washington Park pool. She fully supports a branch library in North Sunnyvale and facilitated the partnership with Fremont Union High School District to better serve teens in North Sunnyvale.

Nancy is a leader in sustainable urban land use development. As the chair of the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF) Board of Directors, Nancy is committed to helping non-profits like CNGF (in partnership with local districts such as San Jose Evergreen Community College District) develop job training programs that will help the youth of Sunnyvale and other local cities fill the resilient jobs of the future. These jobs focus on fulfilling the Climate Action Plan that Nancy invited our CNGF student interns to participate in. Collectively, these new job certification programs will make jobs with a zero carbon footprint. Instead of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, students will learn skills that hold more carbon dioxide in the soil, while contributing to clean air, clean water and healthy soils. Nancy will continue this commitment to helping youth and fostering native gardens as mayor of Sunnyvale.