Our Future Mayor

As a resident of Sunnyvale, as Vice Mayor, and as a 2020 candidate for Mayor, I affirm my deeply held belief that government at every level must protect us and our planet. 

The lack of affordable housing in our region is displacing thousands. Cars on our roads pour more carbon dioxide into the air as people commute long distances. Our region did not plan adequate housing and public transportation to support the growth from California’s economy becoming the 6th largest in the world. Growing income inequality threatens the diverse and vibrant culture we’ve enjoyed. COVID-19 has revealed areas of weakness in our preparedness to respond to pandemics and has damaged our local economy. We find ourselves with an urgent need to correct the imbalances.

Our Vision

Sunnyvale for All

Nancy’s commitment to elevating all Sunnyvale voices, regardless of age, economic status, gender, race, cultural identity, or abilities

Livable City

Accommodating the needs of our citizens by promoting safety, affordable housing, local recreation and entertainment, and balanced systems of transportation

Sustainable City

Forward-thinking targets and plans to mitigate the consequences of rapid growth and climate change in Sunnyvale

Open Door Policy

The pandemic has made keeping the community connected more of a challenge than ever. 

To aid with the effort, Nancy has dedicated a blog post to the different ways Sunnyvale residents can connect with her. She has made herself available through Zoom, Facebook watch parties, Hangouts, and email, and she publicizes her calendar so constituents know where she is and who she’s meeting with on City business.

Click here or on the calendar to the left to book a one-on-on meeting directly on her calendar.

Nancy believes it is our job as a community to come together and ensure Sunnyvale’s resources are available to all our members. Nancy helps us face our challenges, united as a City.

"It is Nancy's integrity and her commitment to good principles that stand out. This is the character we need in Sunnyvale's first popularly-elected mayor."
"When Nancy gives her commitment, you can count on her to get it done.”

Annie Lam
"We feel that Nancy is not satisfied with our progress on affordable housing and can help push the envelope in Sunnyvale."

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

Let’s work together to turn our vision for Sunnyvale into action!