Case Study: We Need More Women in Office


Hannah-Beth Jackson (ID purposes only) and Nancy Smith

Back in February, I was pleased to hear Assembly Member Hannah-Beth Jackson describe SB 1166, a bill she and the legislative women’s caucus supported. It was a thoughtful, non-controversial bill that would have closed a gap for parental leave.  Today, I learned that, in a pique, an all-male Assembly committee killed the bill that would have helped families with newborns.

There are only 19 women in the Assembly and 12 in the California Senate.  For this, working families continue to suffer instability and lack of job security?

I sincerely hope compassionate people organize to support women and families by electing compassionate leaders to elected office!  This sort of crap cannot continue!

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Locally, check out the National Women’s Political Caucus Silicon Valley.  You know I will be!
  2. Learn how to get involved yourself — apply for Emerge California!
  3. Support women who are running for office!

Also, support the Sacramento Bee because their editorial board wrote this about the failure of SB 1166 to move through committee:

Women make up half of the electorate and almost half of the workforce. Too few hold office, but there should be a special place for those who do – at the table. Just as there is a special place for those who play politics at the expense of families – outside the Capitol door.

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