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September 7, 2016

Nancy Smith for Sunnyvale City Council announces partnership with VoterCircle

Smith’s campaign announces today a partnership with VoterCircle. VoterCircle is an online platform that lets supporters compare their email lists against the voter data the candidate provides. Supporters then message their friends to share information about and surveys from the candidate. Recipients of the email messages respond, fill out surveys, ask questions or opt out.

Sunnyvale Council members are elected with minimal financial support from Sunnyvale citizens. Fewer than 10 individuals, on average, contributed $100 or more to all the council members elected in 2011. Smith acknowledges she sees the current mood of Sunnyvale voters as an opportunity to change the culture of campaigns in Sunnyvale. She thinks 2016 is a good time for candidates to ask for more commitment and support from Sunnyvale voters and, in turn, enable more voters to feel invested in the candidates.

Smith announced that she intends to change that.  As the race kicks into high gear, she reports that she has already received contributions from over 60 individual donors.

After two contentious races, one for Congress and one for an open Assembly seat, Sunnyvale voters are weary of getting mailers from candidates and independent groups, according to Smith.

Resident Marie Kuykendall stated, “Money spent on campaigns is such a waste!  That money could go for so many better purposes than campaign mailers! I supported Nancy’s campaign early on, but I asked her to do what she can to keep costs down. I’m pleased she listened.”

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. You can learn more about Nancy Smith for Council 2016 and her campaign by visiting

For more information, contact the Nancy Smith for Council 2016 campaign at (408) 909-8683.

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