Sunnyvale’s path forward

As the campaign enters the final stretch, people have been having house parties and voters are open about items of concern.

At the home of a supporter in the Cherry Chase neighborhood this recently, several women echoed “It’s like we hkickoff-picave two Sunnyvales!”  A man I met in north Sunnyvale expressed dismay about the displacement of low-income workers.

These citiz
en insights reflect what is happening in our local economy as well as broader trends in our nation. Since I’ve been in Sunnyvale, California’s economy has grown from the 8th largest in the world to the 6th largest. Many in the area have done very well, but even more have not.

  • 30% of the region’s population does not make enough money to meet their basic needs (Silicon Valley Index 2015).
  • 59% of the jobs in the area are low or very low income — jobs like transportation and materials handling, food preparation, sales. (The County’s Office of Supportive Housing and the California Economic Development Department)
  • For every 4.5 lower wage jobs, Sunnyvale has only one affordable housing unit.

These conditions concern me and, when elected, I will work diligently to include more Sunnyvale residents in conversations about Council decisions that impact them.

Together, we can work for solutions and a path forward to provide opportunities for all Sunnyvale residents.

Nancy Smith

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