On the mend

You’ve not seen me in public very much since April 4th, The reason is that I fell and broke my hip that day while touring a local business facility on behalf of the City of Sunnyvale,  The fine folks at El Camino Hospital surgically repaired my hip and I’m expected to make a full recovery — given time.

Rather than be released to a skilled nursing facility, my doctor released me to our home since we already had equipment and caretakers suitable for persons with injured hip. My father and I have since been convalescing together. While it’s been great to spend time with him, I miss my active life.

This Tuesday, April  25th, marked what I hope is the halfway point in a 6-week convalescence. I’m expecting to start attending public meetings again in person on behalf of the City after May 9th. My recovery is progressing well enough that next week, I will start to attend some City meetings by phone.

I’d like to thank the members of the community who have expressed concern and support for me and my family while I’m on the mend. I’ve tried to make good use of the time by reading books and documents that will strengthen my skills and build my knowledge as a council member.

Also, I’d like to apologize if you’ve tried to contact me and not gotten a timely or adequate response and to ask for your forbearance as I try to catch up and pick up the threads of my life again. I have a deep new respect for older adults who fall and break their hips.  It’s life-altering — at least for a while — and takes determination to bounce back.

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