The power of weak social ties – let’s push for Caltrain

It’s great news that Congressional leaders support our Caltrain electrification project! They included it in their recent budget proposal! Our area still needs Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to sign off. Now is the time to activate the powerful potential energy of your strong and weak interpersonal ties. If you know people who live in any of the following Congressional Districts, please reach out to them to reach out to their members of Congress.

  • Redding (Congressional District 1)
  • Roseville (Congressional District 4)
  • Victorville (Congressional District 8)
  • Modesto (Congressional District 10)
  • Hanford, Bakersfield (Congressional District 21)
  • Visalia (Congressional District 22)
  • Bakersfield (Congressional District 23)
  • Santa Clarita (Congressional District 25)
  • Brae (Congressional District 39)
  • Corona (Congressional District 42)
  • Irvine (Congressional District 45)
  • Huntington Beach (Congressional District 48)
  • Encinitas (Congressional District 49)
  • El Cajon (Congressional District 50)

We want to convince them how important Caltrain electrification is to our region. You and your friends and acquaintances can help us all out. #Caltrain #SouthBay

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