Teens and Mental Health: A Community-Wide Discussion

Teen mental health is a conversation that takes place on many levels. Teens talk to each other about what they observe, and parents talk to other parents to make sense of what their children experience. Clinicians advise both students and parents based on their training. Yet very few conversations about the topic include people from all levels. These are the conversations in which teens, parents, and clinicians can work together to identify problems, find support, and promote positive well-being. Without such discussions, it is easy to reach a stage where people feel helpless in addressing the subject.

As a rising 12th grader in an area with high academic expectations, I have come to realize that these inclusive discussions are the first step to addressing teen mental health concerns as they allow teens to build strong support networks. This summer, I, along with my fellow interns for Councilmember Nancy Smith, wanted to create a forum to have these conversations that could prove beneficial for us and our peers. Thus, Teens and Mental Health: A Community Wide Discussion was born. Through it, we hope to bring together representatives from various groups in society who can contribute to the mental well being of people our age. 

Join us tomorrow (8/17) from 11 a.m to 2 p.m at Ponderosa Park for this important dialogue.

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