Reflections on “Teens and Mental Health: A Community Wide Discussion”

It’s been about two months since Teens and Mental Health: A Community Wide Discussion, and recently, reminders of the occasion have been coming up. As school has become increasingly hectic, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the event and the lessons it taught. 

The event emphasized the need for inclusive conversations about teen mental health between a wide range of individuals. The Homestead High School Mental Health and Awareness Club (MHAC) members who spoke at the event, have been putting this to practice. With the launch of their club, its founders have created a forum for teens to talk about mental health and support one another while engaging with guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds. They have partnered with the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC), who also attended the event, to work with mental health professionals and open the perspective.

Teens and Mental Health also focused on fostering a dialogue between parents and students. Several speakers discussed the importance of open communication within families in creating strong support networks to deal with everyday stress and asking for help on larger issues. A family who was at the event later noted they were trying to implement the communication techniques mentioned in their home. 

The event was just the beginning, and the conversation needs to continue, both in forums such as MHAC and in individual families. Through more such initiatives, families, peers, and professionals can help teens manage mental health issues as they arise.

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