Reach codes and other measures to combat climate change

Sunnyvale was featured in a USA Today article published last week for our efforts to combat climate change. The article describes efforts of cities around the nation, but especially in California, to make homes less polluting when people perform day-to-day tasks like cooking. “No more fire in ​the kitchen: Cities are banning natural gas in homes to save the planet” provides an overview of reach codes and other green-house-gas reduction programs like Sunnyvale’s recently-updated Green Building program, which provides density bonuses for all-electric buildings.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), an agency representing 13 Santa Clara County cities and the County as well, is promoting to switch homes to clean fuels. SVCE publishes its member agencies’ progress toward moving for reach code codes on their website.

I’m glad to see Sunnyvale get a special shout out in a national outlet! Go Sunnyvale!

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