Why I Vote…

Good question! The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters has quietly been posting photos of County staff asking why they vote for at least three months. They’ve been practically begging people to add their voices and their reasons every single time.

I didn’t even notice until the @sccvote account started following me. It finally dawned on me there must be a reason.

I’m a bit unusual that I’ve been on a ballot at least 4 times – first at age 19, then at age 42, age 53, and lastly at age 57. During that decades-long gap, I stopped voting while I was entering the job market and a new marriage and suffered some disillusionment.

When I first ran for office in mid-life, I learned that campaigns rank voters with how frequently they vote. I found out that I wasn’t an active enough voter to get the highest rating as voting in every election. I was down somewhere around 2 out of 5.

Watching candidate interviews for local election on a local access station convinced me that “I could do that!”

Since then, I’ve voted in every election. I’ve gotten to know many of the elected officials in my area. I encourage people to run. We voters are 100% responsible for who makes policy decisions. I am very interested in seeing they – we – uphold our shared values.

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