Sustainable Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale has been and continues to be a pioneer in many ways — Whether ushering in California’s first female mayor,  being home to the creator of Pong, the first video game, or headquarters for multiple world changing technological enterprises. In this tradition of Sunnyvale leadership, Nancy Smith has been and will continue to be a strong advocate of forward-thinking targets and plans to mitigate the consequences of rapid growth and climate change. 

Those orange skies in Sunnyvale on September 9, 2020 were unsettling. The Blade Runner 2049 references piled up and the impacts of climate change became more real for many. It is urgent that Sunnyvale address the greatest sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including buildings and transportation. At the same time, it is important that Sunnyvale promote environmentally conscious decision making within the population.

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Building Decarbonization

Nancy recognizes that in order to effectively counteract the consequences of climate change, Sunnyvale must be ambitious in its emission reduction goals and tactics. With buildings responsible for approximately one-third of local greenhouse gas emissions, Nancy believes Sunnyvale can do more to decarbonize existing facilities and ensure new constructions are environmentally friendly. Read More

Sustainable Living

Each Sunnyvale citizen has the ability to contribute to lowering the city’s emissions – and Nancy demonstrates her personal commitment by biking whenever possible and driving an emission free hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Whether through making conscious decisions about transportation or opting for more environmentally friendly home appliances, Nancy seeks to empower Sunnyvale citizens with the information and tools they need to make those choices. Read More

Climate Action Playbook 2.0

This article was initially written and published in August 2019 by Vice Mayor Smith’s senior intern, shortly after the Climate Action Playbook 2.0 was unanimously approved by the Sunnyvale City Council. The author’s views have been informed by discussions with Vice Mayor Smith, detailed analysis of the Climate Action Playbook, and personal opinion. With the release of Vice Mayor Smith’s Sustainable Sunnyvale Agenda, this piece reflects the forward thinking, ambitious sustainability targets Vice Mayor Smith will support. Read More