Nancy supports the vision of a seamless transit system in the Bay Area, a system where commuters from all around the Bay can enjoy equitable public transportation in a variety of modes. As Mayor she will work to ensure that the various modes of transport used throughout our City develop into an integrated, easy-to-use system. 

Nancy’s commitment to better active transportation infrastructure — infrastructure that supports and provides safety for bicycling, walking and other physically active forms of moving about our city — comes from difficult personal experiences. Not only have several of her friends died on Bay Area roads, but she herself was once struck by a bus while biking. 

The Downtown Specific Plan recommends at least $23 million in bicycle projects to help Sunnyvale achieve its vision of becoming a Complete Streets Community. 

A recent Caltrain study shows that most people get to the Sunnyvale station by walking. The Council’s recent revision to the Downtown Specific Plan does a lot to prioritize pedestrians. This is a very good sign for Sunnyvale – and Nancy looks forward to doing more as Mayor.


Nancy is a strong advocate for a bike friendly Sunnyvale and she continually promotes safer biking facilities in Sunnyvale.

For full and effective transit to serve the needs of our City, Sunnyvale needs to build up the infrastructure spine. Local, regional, state and federal grant programs will only get us so far. We need to look towards creative funding models to accelerate funding for safe bike infrastructure, including corporate investment in active transportation infrastructure as well as partnering with business and schools to engage student designers and paid interns for City ATP projects. This creative approach keeps taxpayer costs down while providing wins for the City, businesses, design students, interns, and, most importantly, the people of Sunnyvale. Students could help identify places that meet criteria for quick-build approaches to achieve safer bicycle and pedestrian routes even faster.

Nancy worked hard this past year as Vice Mayor to provide Sunnyvale residents and the Council with plans showing different ways to incorporate safe sidewalks and bike paths into our City’s transportation system, so the people of Sunnyvale could decide on the best option.

Vision Zero

Vision Zero – a plan to entirely eliminate traffic fatalities in Sunnyvale holds a special place in Nancy’s heart. Having lost friends and family to bike and traffic collisions, Nancy recognizes the importance of ensuring the Vision Zero plan is comprehensive and places user safety above all other considerations. 

Demonstrating her conviction, Nancy was the councilmember who voted against weakening language that placed safety as the top consideration for transportation infrastructure. While her colleagues proposed that “safety [be a] primary consideration” in the development of new transportation projects, Nancy stood by the original plan in which “safety takes priority over efficiency.”

Nancy wrote a letter to the CalTrain Board expressing the need for stronger, broader  language aiming for the “high growth” scenario in transit use put forth by the Caltrain Board of Directors. Furthermore, her letter urged the board to advocate for a more integrated transportation experience, in everything from schedules to fare – and above all, advance opportunities to diversify Caltrain ridership and the communities it serves. 

She currently supports Measure RR to give Caltrains an important source of dedicated funding.