Campaign Updates

Our fabulous progress on the campaign over the last several days fills me with gratitude and amazement! More is coming! Over the next several weeks we will be hosting online conversations around areas important to all of us. Sign up for updates in the form to the right and we will send you the schedule for our open issues forums.

In the time of year between Juneteenth and the 4th of July, I think of all of our Nation’s challenges and progress around establishing liberty and justice for all. Recently the citizens of Sunnyvale participated in a Black Lives Matter march. Video highlights can be found here. 

Sunnyvale is a diverse city. We are a City where no race of people has a majority. We need to be a city where everyone can thrive and model the way for other communities.  I look forward to discussions with all of you on how we can best do that. 

In addition to taking part in conversations in our community, next week we League of California Cities Caucus chairs will meet together to set a vision of how municipal leaders – API, Black, Latino, Women, and LGBTQ – can rise to meet the moment.

Our endorsement list is growing with critical endorsements from the South Bay Labor Council, local elected leaders, and more. Sunnyvale is part of a larger region and regional collaboration is important across so many issues. The support from local leaders bodes well for my continued commitment and ability to be an effective advocate —  first as a Council member, now as Vice Mayor and, soon, as the first directly elected Mayor — for Sunnyvale in our regional and state organizations, government and otherwise.

Campaigns cost money and our fundraising is going well. We are seeing a  lot of grass roots support from Sunnyvale and beyond. Your contributions over the next several days will really make a difference for us leading up into November. Become part of the campaign!

It is always an honor and a pleasure to meet with community groups. Lately I’ve had the opportunity to give a speech to the graduating class in the Leadership Sunnyvale program, participated in a lively discussion on the future of technology with the Jewish Youth Association, and also moderated a fireside chat regarding the State of California budget with Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the California State Assembly. 

Save the date for an upcoming event “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Sunnyvale” scheduled for July 9, 2020 at 7:00 pm,  jointly hosted by Nancy Smith for Mayor 2020, Sunnyvale Maker Nexus, and Homebrew Robotics Club. Make sure to join our mail-list to get all the details and keep updated on other happenings. 

The participation in voting for a yard sign design has been great and a lot of fun. We close the yard sign voting on June 26. So far, the Blue sign is leading the second choice by more than 30 percentage points. A landslide!  Reserve your lawn sign now and please consider volunteering. We need your support in reaching out to neighbors, hosting online events and, for the fall, consider hosting a house party.



Red, White, and Blue
Lawn Sign Designs

COVID 19 has impacted everyone and is again on the rise in our area. As we open up, let’s please be considerate by wearing a mask and observing physical distance. You can see in my Black Lives Matter video that most people were wearing masks. Let’s keep up that good example!

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