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Information about the proposed utility rate increase

Many people have expressed concerns about the increase in utility rates and have asked questions ranging from what gives the City the authority to set and collect fees for handling water, wastewater, solid waste and recycling to asking how each council member will vote.

In this post, I attempt to set forth the roles of the City Council, the City staff, and the property owners or utility account holders impacted by the utility rate increase proposal and to answer several questions and concerns I’ve heard.

The utility rates support both ongoing operations as well as infrastructure renovation.

New digester at Sunnyvale's Wastewater treatment plant

New digester at Sunnyvale’s Wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater rates support replacements of pipes, pump stations, and the Water Pollution Control Plant renovation.  Water rates support water distribution renovations to water tanks, pipes, pumps, valves and more. Solid waste rates support the collection, recycling and disposal of solid waste generated within the City of Sunnyvale, including the new FoodCycle program.


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