Sunnyvale for All

Sunnyvale is a city in which no one group has a majority. Nancy Smith believes that Sunnyvale’s diversity is a strength and she is committed to elevating all Sunnyvale voices – regardless of age, economic status, gender, race, cultural identity, or abilities. The first step to ensuring Sunnyvale is truly a city for all is creating a Sunnyvale that listens to others, fosters positive relationships and values diversity. 

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Sunnyvale for All public forum on Thursday July 30, 2020 from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m PDT. We appreciated hearing your questions and ideas, and look forward to seeing you at our future events. Sign up to get updates from the campaign!

The health and safety of the people of Sunnyvale are the greatest assets we have. Nancy prioritizes public health, including support for pandemic and post-pandemic reopening, mental health and wellness services, childcare services, recreational opportunities, and racially literate public safety services. Read More

Sunnyvale’s demographics are such that no single group has a majority. Like any other city, Sunnyvale has problems of bias and racial tension. To address our structural racism, listening to citizens is a must. As Mayor, Nancy will work toward ensuring Sunnyvale citizens and City employees have tools and information that empower us all to overcome racial bias. Read More

A strong track record in delivering innovative and effective solutions towards economic equity demonstrates Nancy’s commitment to economic equity. Once elected Mayor, Nancy will work to eliminate threats to hourly workers, increase opportunities for our young people to be more involved in our City, push for more affordable housing, and provide more digital access for seniors and underserved youth. Read More

Nancy supports programs that serve seniors and has worked on many programs and initiatives that show her dedication to our senior citizens, especially with regards to making technology and housing accessible for all. Read More

Young people have much to contribute to our Sunnyvale community. Nancy seeks to expand opportunities through policy work, community development work, public work, construction projects, museums, and orchards. Hands-on work experience for our young people will pay dividends for Sunnyvale – as more of our youth gain experience and skill by being involved. Read More


Nancy shared her platform with her summer high school interns and also shared with them the task of preparing it for release. The interns added depth and details to the information presented here. She deeply appreciates their assistance and involvement with preparing and presenting the release of the Nancy Smith for Mayor 2020 Sunnyvale for All details.